Pierre Coulibeuf

  • Pierre Coulibeuf – Balkan baroque (1999)

    1991-2000DocumentaryExperimentalFrancePierre Coulibeuf

    The autobiography, both real and imaginary, of Marina Abramovic [1], Body Art artistic. The film composes the life aesthetic of a woman in her era, with a personal history strongly marked by the Yugoslavia of Tito, everyday violence, the experience of physical and psychic limits… The voluntary evocation of the past makes something more secret, more intimate crop up: an unknown evolution that is embodied in fictions felt like authentic fragments of truth. Balkan Baroque jumps from one identity to another, from a true story to an imagination, from a dream to a ritual… – the language of the body often taking over from the word, interrupting it or, on the contrary, stimulating it.Read More »

  • Pierre Coulibeuf – Les guerriers de la beauté (2003)

    2001-2010ArthouseFrancePerformancePierre Coulibeuf


    This film sprang from an encounter between French film-maker Pierre Coulibeuf and Flemish choreographer Jan Fabre. The choreographer re-created his own world and offered Coulibeuf a phantasmagoria based on his theatrical and choreographic inventions. The resulting film is a labyrinth with multiple entrances, where an unlikely Ariane in wedding gown guides and misleads the viewer in a strange world marked by metamorphosis, multiple personalities, conflicting drives, parody, ritual, surreality…Read More »

  • Pierre Coulibeuf – Le Démon du passage (1995)

    1991-2000ArthouseExperimentalFrancePierre Coulibeuf



    Le Démon du passage (The Demon of Passage)
    35 mm – 14’ – 1995
    “Fictional” reconstruction of the chain of mental images that make the visions of the photographer Jean-Luc Moulène appear.Read More »

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