Pierre Léon

  • Pierre Léon – Phantom Power (2014)

    2011-2020DocumentaryExperimentalFrancePierre Léon

    It is not yet on IMDb.

    Not much info about this movie on the web, but this is a good summary:

    Created at irregular intervals, Pierre Léon’s small oeuvre oscillates between experimental home movie and theatrical mise-en-scène, found footage and documentary assemblages. PHANTOM POWER is a kind of sum of these rich and lavish efforts, a poetic series of cinematic fragments, an inventory of his cinematic output. What unfolds between russian folk songs and Ingrid Caven’s singing, between micro-dramas and found footage, is the poetic world of this wayward and still unknown artist, whose discovery and recognition is long overdue. (www.viennale.at)Read More »

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