Pierre Perrault

  • Pierre Perrault – C’était un Québecois en Bretagne, Madame (1977)

    Hauris Lalancette, from Abitibi, travel and draws parallels between two amazing parts of the country that are considered poor and neglected. It is also about the search for ancestors and nostalgia of the old crafts that were better, both on the human side and technical side.Read More »

  • Pierre Perrault – Le pays de la terre sans arbre ou Le mouchouânipi AKA The Land without Trees (1980)

    It is a documentary joining 3 periods of filming in the Mouchouanipi, which is a faraway land in the North of eastern Canada. Anthropologists, archeologists and native people all together in this «land without trees». They are hunting the caribous, using the old ways of the native people. This expedition leads to sharing experiences, points of view and expectations about the survival of the Natives way of life.Read More »

  • Pierre Perrault – La Bête lumineuse AKA The Shimmering Beast (1982)

    A moose hunt is the pretext for this film. Nine men and their Indian guide withdraw to the wilderness to spend one week together away from their daily routines. The film charts the social dynamics of this diverse group, how they relate to one another–alternately revealing and disguising their feelings. A rich mix of personalities lends relief to the human topography in this documentary about an annual event that brings out the best and worst in men. The filmmaker chose not to embellish what the camera recorded. -ONFRead More »

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