Piotr Rozbicki

  • Tomasz Dominik, Piotr Rozbicki – Warszawa 88-89 AKA Warsaw 88-89 (1989)

    1981-1990DocumentaryPiotr RozbickiPolandVideo Art

    In the film Warsaw 88-89 we observe the city on the eve of the coming changes, captured on VHS tape. Tomasz Dominik and Piotr Rozbicki capture interesting, distinctive details – an unusual balcony, inscriptions on the walls, beautiful but dilapidated architectural details – from the gray reality of shabby tenement houses, blocks of flats, squalid courtyards. In the background we can observe the political, economic and cultural context of the period: lifestyle, cars, clothes, texts on walls. In the public space the sphere of the sacred mixes with the profane.Read More »

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