Andrzej Munk – Pamietniki chlopow AKA Peasant Diaries (1952)

About the movie:
In 1952 Andrzej Munk made PAMIETNIKI CHLOPOW [PEASANT DIARIES], a film that was meant, to put it briefly, to show what people were told to believe about the wonderful lives that Polish peasants led in post-war Poland. In his book ” Moja filmoteka. Kino polskie” [My Film Archive. Polish Cinema] Aleksander Jackiewicz wrote that though he found the film to lack a hint of a shadow on the picture of those times to make it truly authentic, as clearly People’s Poland could not include peasants who were not successful, even so one could find in it “a tiny bit of authenticity that was absent from the works of other directors”. Read More »

Juliusz Machulski – Ile wazy kon trojanski? AKA How Much Does the Trojan Horse Weigh? (2008)

A happily-married woman wishes she had met her second husband earlier, so that she could avoid many mistakes of the past. When suddenly moved back in time to 1980s she realizes she has one goal: find her future love. Read More »

Marcel Lozinski – Wizyta AKA The Visit (1974)

A “Polityka” weekly journalist Marta Wesolowska and photo-reporter Erazm Ciolek visit Urszula Flis, who runs a country farm. A young woman living on her own, Flis is an untypical villager in that she is interested in culture, corresponds with writers, etc. Lozinski revisits her twenty-four years later, in 1998, in ZEBY NIE BOLALO [SO IT DOESN’T HURT]. Awards: 1975 – “Syrenka Warszawska” Award of the Polish Journalists Association’s Film Critics Club at the 5TH SHORT FILM FESTIWAL, Krakow. Read More »

Andrzej Munk – Kierunek – Nowa Huta! AKA Destination Nowa Huta (1951)

A film about the construction, begun in 1948 where a village near Krakow used to be, of the city of Nowa Huta and the metallurgical plant there. A propaganda picture about the flagship construction project of People’s Poland. Read More »

Bogdan Dziworski – Krzyz i topór AKA The Cross and the Axe (1972)

Krzyżtopór Castle in Ujazd plays the lead in this short film based on an idea by Stanisław Janicki. Dziworski managed to capture the appearance and atmosphere of the castle ruins in spectacular scenes and found an interesting solution for the commentary: The photographs are accompanied by a folk ballad about the castle’s history performed by the village choir from Iwaniska. Read More »

Pawel Kedzierski & Marcel Lozinski – Happy End (1973)

Written and produced with Pawel Kedzierski. A purge in the style of those of March 1968 is to take place at a party meeting. Instead, it turns into a psychodrama. Although officially not stopped by censorship, the film was only shown at the Krakow Short Film Festival and at Film Clubs. Read More »

Roman Polanski – Lampa aka The Lamp (1959)

In waning winter light, a doll maker works in his shop, a kerosene lamp beside him, a jumble of dolls and doll parts, whole and broken, surrounding him. There are noises, too: a cuckoo clock chirps the workday’s end. The artisan completes a repair and leaves, shuttering the shop from outside. Back inside, whispering begins. What else is in store for the shop’s seemingly lifeless denizens? Read More »