• Karima Saïdi – Dans La Maison AKA A Way Home (2020)

    2011-2020DocumentaryKarima SaïdiQatar
    Dans La Maison (2020)
    Dans La Maison (2020)

    Filmmaker Karima Saïdi’s mother has Alzheimer’s. Now, they turn their thoughts back in time together, for one last time. A poetic portrait of a complex mother-daughter relationship, renewed acquaintance, and a loving farewell.When filmmaker Karima Saïdi’s mother Aïcha develops Alzheimer’s at the end of her life, Karima decides to make a film portrait of her at her Brussels care home. Before oblivion descends for good. Aïcha is becoming increasingly confused, and Karima takes her on mental journey back into her past. The filmmaker uses Aïcha’s stories and a wide range of family archive material to create an impression of Aïcha’s life. We start with her youth in Morocco, are shown how her husband brought her from Tangiers to Belgium, and how she later went on to raise her children as a single mother.Read More »

  • Amil Shivji – Vuta N’Kuvute AKA Tug of War (2021)

    2021-2030Amil ShivjiPoliticsQatarRomance

    A rebellious young revolutionary becomes involved with a young Indian-Zanzibari girl escaping an oppressive arranged marriage.Read More »

  • Adam Sobel – The Workers Cup (2017)

    2011-2020Adam SobelDocumentaryQatar

    Inside Qatar’s labor camps, African and Asian migrant workers building the facilities of the 2022 World Cup compete in a football tournament of their own.Read More »

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