Queer Cinema(s)

Hitoshi Yazaki – Kazetachi no gogo AKA Afternoon Breezes (1980)

Natsuko nurses a helpless crush on her roommate Mitsu and tries to possess her for herself by generating conflict between Mitsu and her boyfriend, Hideo. Mitsu discovers what is happening and throws Natsuko out of the apartment. But Natsuko cannot bring herself to sever the one-way emotional bond. Read More »

Iván Zulueta – Delirios de amor: Párpados (1989)

I’m talking about ARREBATO (1979), of course.

While Zulueta can be compared to other great filmmakers like Lynch or Buñuel, watching his brief filmography (he had no luck with the film industry) it’s obvious that he has his own, magnificent style. An style that combines surrealism, fantasy and most important, the exploration of the fascinating human mind (ARREBATO was a film about an obsession and a dependence). Read More »

Deepa Mehta – Fire (1996)

Banned in India, following riots because of its lesbian theme.

In New Delhi Sita, a beautiful and intelligent young woman embarks on an arranged, loveless marriage to a faithless husband, Jatin. The extended family, owners of a video store, live together according to custom. Family tensions escalate. Radha, Sita’s sister-in-law, is unable to conceive; her disappointed husband Ashok (Sita’s husband’s brother) has taken a vow of celibacy, acquired a swami and is often gone. Eventually Jita and Radha develop a physical relationship which is far more emotionally sustaining than they have found with their husbands. Read More »

Yoshihiko Matsui – Sabita kankara AKA Rusty Empty Can [uncut version] (1979)

MatsuiI’s debut film, “Rusty Empty Can” (1979), was photographed by Sogo Ishii; nonetheless the film turned out to be a serious and emotionally painful one unlike Ishii’s speedy roller-coaster movies. The film which depicts a homosexual relationship was success at the many film festival held in Japan. “Rusty Empty Can” is still shown at theatres today as it has become the pioneer of cult movies with devoted fans and approval from Nagisa Oshima and Shuji Terayama. Read More »

Julio Medem – Habitación en Roma aka Room in Rome (2010)

A hotel room in the center of Rome serves as the setting for two young and recently acquainted women to have a physical adventure that touches their very souls. Read More »

Ira Sachs – The Delta (1996)

Set in Memphis, “The Delta,” Ira Sachs’ feature directorial debut, is an original but severely flawed gay-themed drama about the complex relationship between a white suburban adolescent and a Vietnamese immigrant. This small-scale, intimate picture displays a fresh cinematic voice, but suffers from narrative problems and ultra-modest tech credits that will damage its theatrical prospects, possibly limiting its showing to the gay and regional festival circuits. Read More »

Miguel Arteta – Chuck & Buck (2000)

Buck is a man-child who has lived his existence in a life of Romper Room, kindergarten collages, and lollipops. When his mother dies suddenly, Buck remembers his old childhood friend Chuck, with whom he feels a need to reconnect after having invited him to his mother’s funeral. Buck treks out to Los Angeles where Chuck, an up-and-coming music record executive, is living his life. Buck ends up developing an obsession with Chuck and begins stalking him. Read More »