Rafaël Ouellet

  • Rafaël Ouellet – New Denmark (2009)

    2001-2010ArthouseCanadaDramaRafaël Ouellet

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    Clara spent the summer of his 16 years seeking his missing sister. Local authorities do not move. The mother is bedridden. The adults in the village seem busy with other things. Between his summer job, take care of the family home and his little sister, Clara focuses his energies to find Margarete. Aided by her friends, she searched fields, rivers, edges of highways. For Clara, the body of his elder can be under any bridge, behind any door in any warehouse. When the mystery is solved, Clara finds himself more alone and helpless. Continues his research and focus far from home.

    Through an initiatory quest where dialogues are reduced to their simplest expression in favor of suggestive images and some clues gleaned here and there, the girl (Clara Turcotte) in shock oscillates between dream and reality.Read More »

  • Rafaël Ouellet – Derrière moi AKA Behind Me (2008)

    Drama2001-2010CanadaMysteryRafaël Ouellet

    The twenty-something Betty comes to a remote small town and strikes a friendship with the fourteen-year old local girl Lea, who is fascinated by her new friend’s tales of partying and living in the fast lane in the big city. Betty has ulterior motives for befriending the young girl, however.Read More »

  • Rafaël Ouellet – Gurov and Anna (2014)

    2011-2020CanadaDramaRafaël Ouellet


    Ben is a failed writer-turned-academic whose ‘happily ever after’ has begun to feel more like ‘the end’. He immerses himself in Chekhov’s story ‘The Lady with the Dog’, a permanent fixture on his syllabus, about an affair giving way to true love. When his wife, Audrey, goes to Paris to meet with the publisher of her first novel, Ben begins an affair with Mercedes, a budding writer herself. The affair soon spirals out of control, and while Ben, Audrey, and Mercedes are each ready to go to extreme lengths to save their own skin, none can escape unscathed.Read More »

  • Rafaël Ouellet – Camion (2012)

    2011-2020ArthouseCanadaDramaRafaël Ouellet


    From Toronto International Film Festival website :

    Truck driving is all sixty-year-old widower Germain (Julien Poulin) has ever known. When he is involved in a head-on collision that leaves a woman dead, his quiet life is suddenly thrown into a tailspin. Though he was not at fault, the remorse he experiences is debilitating, leaving him severely depressed and unwilling to get behind the wheel again.

    Deeply concerned for his father, Germain’s son Samuel (Patrice Dubois) puts his job in Montreal on hold, travels to New Brunswick to collect his estranged older brother Alain (Stéphane Breton), and together they drive to their rural Quebec hometown to care for their stricken father. The brothers, however, have their own issues: reliable Samuel is still lovelorn decades after a teenage breakup, while Alain, an inveterate raconteur and incurable womanizer, drifts aimlessly from town to town, incapable of settling down.

    As the men struggle to reconnect, it becomes apparent that all three are stuck in the past for different reasons, unable to move forward. Slowly, the brothers revive Germain’s will to live, and in the process discover fresh directions for their own lives.Read More »

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