Rafael Romero Marchent

  • Rafael Romero Marchent – ¿Quién grita venganza? AKA Dead Men Don’t Count (1968)

    1961-1970ItalyRafael Romero MarchentSpanish cinema under FrancoWestern

    Every good Spaghetti Western begins with a killing, a man bids his wife and baby goodbye and rides off, his wife’s smiling face turns hard and she signals a rifleman in the hills with a mirror, the man dies.

    Years later, two opportunistic bounty killers Fred (Anthony Steffen) and Johnny (Mark Damon) arrive in Blackstone to try and swindle the Sheriff (Piero Lulli) out of a $15,000 bounty by posing as the captor and killer. However they are are drawn into a bloody mystery. Who is responsible for the massacre of rancher’s families? Why do the distinctive pistols Fred carries cause such consternation? The answer to events in the present can only be found in the past.Read More »

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