Ramin Serry

  • Ramin Serry – Maryam (2000)

    1991-2000DramaIranRamin Serry


    A voice from IMDB
    Several of the negative comments about this film were so blind. This movie is about American culture and makes you think about big questions that nag us — why do Americans respond to a crisis by hating others? I was alive and conscious during the events of 1979, I have known Iranians as college acquaintances and friends, and the use of footage in the movie is very effective at evoking memories of that time. Thinking about the racism against Iranians during that time and then thinking about how too many Americans reacted to the events of September 11, the march to a stupid war in Iraq, etc., etc., makes it clear once again that we Americans need to do some deep soul searching. Watch this movie and think about it — don’t try to act like some film critic or reviewer. Interestingly, on the surface this movie is about Iranians, but in fact I found that it was about American culture.Read More »

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