Raúl Perrone

  • Raúl Perrone – Favula (2014)

    2011-2020ArgentinaArthouseExperimentalRaúl Perrone

    1 – the last day in the life of Pasolini but from the look of his aggressor a ragazzi – like any other his friends – his environment – his tragedy

    2 – a group of ragazzis working with their wooden carts in the city of Cordoba but the gaze is focus on them – playing in the river and with a mysterious woman Ragazzi is a symphony in two movementsRead More »

  • Raúl Perrone – Ituzaingo V3rit4 (2019)

    Raúl Perrone2011-2020ArgentinaExperimental

    Perrone returns with a new exploration of his quintessential aesthetic territory, Ituzaingó. This time the night in the western city exudes cinema and theatre. Actors, actresses, directors and producers parade like daffodils from the underworld in a world of jealousy, hypocrisy, idiocy and much more.
    (FILMAFFINITY)Read More »

  • Raúl Perrone – P3ND3JO5 (2013)

    2011-2020ArgentinaMusicalRaúl PerroneSilent


    Skater musical from Buenos Aires suburb. In this silent black-and-white 4:3 format film, the hypnotising soundtrack drives the images. Love, desire, drama, faces. Perrone, the godfather of Argentine independent cinema, reinvents it in his 35th film.

    Argentinian director Raúl Perrone calls P3ND3JO5 (‘pendejos’: slang for teen, but also idiot or worse epithets) a ‘cumbia opera in three acts with coda’. Cumbia is rhythmic Columbian music that became immensely popular in Latin America during the 1940s.
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