Ray Taylor

  • James W. Horne & Ray Taylor – The Spider’s Web (1938)

    1931-1940ActionJames W. HorneMysteryRay TaylorUSA

    The Spider’s Web (1938) is a Columbia Pictures movie serial based on the pulp magazine character The Spider. The 15-chapter adventure (first episode was double length) was directed by serial and western specialist Ray Taylor and comedy and serial veteran James W. Horne. It was the fifth of the 57 serials released by Columbia.
    The film was wildly successful when first released; it was the most popular serial of 1938, according to a tally published in The Motion Picture Herald, and was the first serial that Columbia brought back as a reprint (in 1947). A sequel, The Spider Returns, was released in 1941; of the Spider’s Web principals, only Warren Hull and Kenne Duncan returned in their original rolesRead More »

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