Raymond Red

  • Raymond Red – Himpapawid AKA Manila Skies (2009)

    2001-2010DramaPhilippinesRaymond Red

    Down in the streets of Manila, Raul (Raul Arellano) works as a coolie under miserable conditions and for a small wage which does not even cover his monthly rent. To add to his growing frustration, he has to ask his boss for some time off work in order to see his sick father back in his home village in the countryside. Unable to convince his boss, he finally quit his job.Read More »

  • Raymond Red – Kabaka AKA Enemy (1983)

    1981-1990PhilippinesRaymond RedSci-FiShort Film

    ‘Enemy’ is elegaic science-fiction: a fable about the young men trained as Guardians of the Stars and their failure to ward off an unknon ‘enemy’ who manifests himself as white light.Read More »

  • Raymond Red – Sakay (1993)

    Drama1991-2000PhilippinesRaymond RedWar

    “Filipinas, farewell! Long live the Republic and may our independence be born in the future!”

    Those were Macario Sakay’s last words before he was executed by hanging on September 13, 1907 for treason. His real crime was patriotism, breaking rank with the leaders who sold out the Philippine Revolution to the United States and waging a guerrilla resistance against the American colonial government. They called he and his soldiers “banditos,” a label which has stuck in the minds of many Filipinos generations later (that is, if they even remember his name). His existence in Philippine history negates the official narrative that the Philippine-American war ended in 1902. True patriots continued to invoke his name as a symbol of the unfinished revolution. It would take nearly 90 years after his death before director Raymond Red’s “Sakay” (1993), one of the most accessible and well-crafted bio-pics ever made in the Philippines.Read More »

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