Reinhard Wulf

  • Reinhard Wulf – Amerikanische Landschaften – Unterwegs mit James Benning AKA James Benning: Circling the Image (2003)

    Documentary2001-2010GermanyJames BenningReinhard Wulf

    The American filmmaker James Benning has been one of the outstanding exponents of the structural film since the mid-1970s. Bennings artistic position has been strongly influenced by mathematics and by the creativity of mathematical thinking. With his new project 13 Lakes, James Benning goes one step further towards reducing things to a minimum. The film focuses on thirteen large American lakes (including Salton Sea, Lake Powell, and Lake Michigan) along with their geographical and historical relationship to the landscape. This documentary film was occasioned by 13 Lakes, and was shot in California, Arizona, and Utah. It accompanies the artist for a week as he searches for locations and as he films the first two shots for his own film.Read More »

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