Richard Kern

  • Richard Kern – Nazi (1991)

    1991-2000ExperimentalRichard KernShort FilmUSA

    Nazi is a short film by underground film-maker and photographer Richard Kern, featuring Annabelle Lee. This movie came from his Death Trip collection.Read More »

  • Richard Kern – Manhattan Love Suicides (1985)

    1981-1990Richard KernShort FilmUSA

    ‘Manhattan Love Suicides’ is made up of four, separate but roughly thematically connected, segments.

    ‘Stray Dogs’ concerns an artist (William Rice) being followed through the Manhattan streets by an obsessive young man (David Wojnarowicz) who tries to gain his attention. He follows the artist back to his apartment and begins literally tearing himself apart in frustration – at which point the artist laughs at him, and begins to sketch his dying body.

    ‘Woman at the Wheel’ follows a woman who takes her boyfriends (one at a time) for a drive; but they only spark arguments and insist on taking the wheel.Read More »

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