Richard Kerr

  • Richard Kerr – Cruel Rhythm (1991)

    1991-2000CanadaExperimentalRichard KerrShort Film

    Shot during the opening stages of the First Gulf War, Kerr’s “Cruel Rhythm” revisits the American desert for a cinematic tone poem in the vein of ‘The Last Days of Contrition’ A canopy of sound bites of media coverage on the build-up toward the war is juxtaposed with the alienness of windmills in the desert, and a startling sequence of drifting faces of a crowd coming towards the camera in slow motion. A thought-provoking piece on media’s construction of societal paranoia “Cruel Rhythm” is an attempt to make a public, shared feeling intimate, or conversely, to make a subjective feeling of floating anxiety and dread into a shared representation.” Unsettlingly, its ambiance is as poignant today as ever.Read More »

  • Richard Kerr – Last Days of Contrition (1986)

    1981-1990CanadaDocumentaryExperimentalRichard Kerr

    Richard was coming back into town and we set up a gig for him at the local co-op. He was bringing along his new, tough, beautiful, hard-won movie called The Last Days of Contrition. It showed just about everywhere that tough movies were being shown. But for this night we brought dad’s pull-down screen and a couple of boxes of beer and the crowd spilled out into the hallway. We sat around the projector and marveled at how he’d managed to go into America and find it so emptied and cruel. There were how many military vehicles shuttling across the desert in shots he’d waited all day for, so by the time he finally turned the camera on, all that anger had become something else. He really had a knack for the silver light.Read More »

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