Richard Oswald

  • Richard Oswald – Wien, du Stadt der Lieder AKA Vienna, City of Song (1930)

    Also known as Donauwellen.
    No written credit. All titles are spoken like the other Oswald film Dreyfus (1930).

    Filmed on location in Vienna, this German operetta was originally titled Wien, Du Stadt Die Lieber [sic]. Popular tenor Max Hansen carries most of the plot (what there is of it), singing his heart out to the delight of such delectable leading ladies as Charlotte Ander, Irene Ambrus and Grete Natzler (who, as Della Lynd, would later co-star with Laurel and Hardy in Swiss Miss). For some reason, it was decided to surround the nominal hero with seven top German comic actors, all of whom mugged and glowered outrageously. The worst offender (and the funniest of the batch) is Paul Graetz, who seemed to be having a great deal of fun letting loose. Evidently City of Songs was quite successful, inasmuch as it remained in distribution well into the late 1930s. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide
    Note: In this document, this movie was called City of Songs.Read More »

  • Richard Oswald – Die Blume von Hawaii (1933)

    Suzanne, aspiring artist working in a Parisian night club, is hired by two foreigners to be partnerin for the main singer, on the condition that they must travel to Hawaii. When they arrive, the American governor is aware that the islanders, headed by Prince Lilo Taro, might become rebellious.Read More »

  • Magnus Hirschfeld & Richard Oswald – Gesetze der Liebe aka Sexualkatastrophe aka Laws of Love: Innocently Outlawed! (1927)

    A documentary by Magnus Hirschfeld, which contains a shortened version of Different From the Others (1919).Read More »

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