Richard Schickel

  • Richard Schickel – Woody Allen: A life In Film (2002)

    2001-2010DocumentaryRichard SchickelUSAWoody Allen


    A series of interviews with Woody Allen interlaced with clips from his films.

    IMDB review by Alex V.:

    This feature-length Woody Allen interview sees him plough through his films at almost breakneck speed, giving little primers and insights into his intentions with each one. If you’ve seen the films it’ll interest you, if you haven’t I wonder whether these soundbites will entice you to check them out…

    The problem is lack of time – you get a couple of minutes on each movie when perhaps you’d like a lot longer on perhaps a lot fewer of his films. On Interiors his fascinating explanation of the film really made me want to seek it out again, whereas feeble and rather pointless references to other films just to ‘get them in somewhere’ (Broadway Danny Rose, Zelig, Radio Days, Mighty Aphrodite) just frustrated me.Read More »

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