Richard T. Heffron

  • Robert Enrico & Richard T. Heffron – La révolution française “Les Années terribles” (1989)

    Robert Enrico1981-1990DramaFrancePoliticsRichard T. Heffron

    A history of the French Revolution from the decision of the king to convene the Etats-Generaux in 1789 in order to deal with France’s debt problem. The first part of the movie tells the story from 1789 until August 10, 1792 (when the King Louis XVI lost all his authority and was put in prison). The second part carries the story through the end of the terror in 1794, including the deaths by guillotine of Louis XVI, Marie-Antoinette, Danton, and Desmoulins.Read More »

  • Richard T. Heffron – Trackdown (1976)

    1971-1980ActionCrimeRichard T. HeffronUSA

    SYNOPSIS: IMDB review:
    “Rugged Montana rancher Jim Calhoun (an earnest and effective performance by Jim Mitchum) searches the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles for his naive 17-years-old runaway sister Betsy (the comely and appealing Karen Lamm), who has become entangled in a dangerous world of drugs, vice, and prostitution. Director Richard T. Heffron, working from a taut and involving script by Paul Edwards, relates the gripping story at a brisk pace, makes excellent use of authentically gritty urban locations (sleazy bars and clubs, grimy back alleys, Hollywood Boulevard in all its grungy neon glory), maintains a tough seamy tone throughout, and stages a couple of last reel action set pieces with real skill and verve (a sequence involving two elevators is both original and very exciting).Read More »

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