Risto Jarva

  • Risto Jarva – Onnenpeli AKA Game of Chance (1965)

    Risto Jarva1961-1970ArthouseDramaFinland
    Onnenpeli (1965)
    Onnenpeli (1965)

    Markku Kuoppamäki wrote:
    Magazine editor Jussi and his girlfriend Leena, an airline stewardess, share an apartment with Jussi’s sister Eeva. During a fashion shoot Jussi meets Telle, a professional model who has just returned to Helsinki after years in Paris. Looking for a place to stay, Telle gets Eeva’s room while Eeva goes to Stockholm for a few days. Jussi and Telle start an affair while still working on fashion features for the magazine.Read More »

  • Risto Jarva – Ruusujen aika AKA A Time of Roses (1969)

    Arthouse1961-1970FinlandRisto JarvaSci-Fi

    Finnish director Risto Jarva’s fascinating, futuristic sci-fi mystery is set in a dystopian, Pop Art-designed world of gleaming white towers, Sony video monitors and inflatable furniture, where the beautiful inhabitants all dress as Edie Sedgwick-like pixie sprites or medieval page boys out of LOGAN’S RUN. A historian of late 20th century culture – “before class boundaries were abolished” – named Raimo (Arto Tuominen) is researching the death many years earlier of a free-spirited erotic model named Saara (Ritva Vepsä) who died under mysterious circumstances.Read More »

  • Risto Jarva – Kun taivas putoaa… AKA When The Heavens Fall… (1972)

    1971-1980DramaFinlandRisto Jarva


    A psyhiotherapist’s life is wrecked when her private life is exposed in a sensation magazine. Read More »

  • Risto Jarva – Ruusujen aika AKA A Time of Roses (1969)

    1961-1970DramaFinlandRisto JarvaSci-Fi

    Synopsis: Taking place in the year 2012, the film is a fantasy of a “utopian” time when all class conflicts have been erased, at least superficially. A history researcher Raimo Lappalainen becomes obsessed by the life of nude model Saara Turunen, a woman who died in 1976, and tries to reconstruct it for TV, with help from an actress. At the same time a strike in a nuclear plant will lead to a violent upsurge, which media only manages to keep secret from public with a clever cover-up.
    Read More »

  • Risto Jarva – Työmiehen päiväkirja aka The Diary of a Worker (1967)

    1961-1970ArthouseFinlandPoliticsRisto Jarva


    Following passages selectively translated from Risto Jarva Society’s website:

    Risto Jarva was a central director in the Finnish New Wave. His career is one of the most extensive and important in the history of Finnish cinema, even though he died in a car accident at the age of 43.

    Risto Jarva was a humanist and an engineer within one person. The focus of his work is on the human between society and nature. In his feature films and short documentaries he mapped dominant and alternative ways of life, without forgetting neither history nor the future. That’s why his movies are both subjective and objective evidence of the way Finland was in the years 1962-1977.Read More »

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