Robert Gardner

  • Robert Gardner, Stan Brakhage – Looking at Forest of Bliss (2000)

    Stan Brakhage1991-2000DocumentaryRobert GardnerUSA
    Looking at Forest of Bliss (2000)
    Looking at Forest of Bliss (2000)

    Director Robert Gardner and legendary filmmaker Stan Brakhage share an in-depth viewing of Gardner’s ethnographic masterwork, Forest of Bliss. The film is shown in its entirety, with Gardner occasionally pausing to elucidate, and Brakhage brilliantly observing tonality, poetic imagery, life, death, the unconscious, and, well, just being damned insightful.Read More »

  • Robert Gardner – Screening Room: Jonas Mekas (1981)

    1981-1990Robert GardnerTVUSA

    Jonas Mekas – filmmaker, film critic, archivist, poet, lecturer and curator – is one of the leading figures of American avant-garde film and video. Born in Lithuania, he immigrated to New York in 1949 after spending time in Nazi forced labor camps and displaced persons camps. In addition to his many narrative and diary films that have screened extensively at festivals and museums around the world, he has worked as editor-in-chief of Film Culture, movie critic for the Village Voice and co-founder of Anthology Film Archives, one of the world’s largest and most important repositories of avant-garde films.Read More »

  • Robert Gardner – Dead Birds (1963)

    1961-1970ArthouseDocumentaryEthnographic CinemaRobert GardnerUSA

    This informative documentary focuses on the Dani people of New Guinea, and in particular tribal members Weyak and Pua. Weyak, an adult, protects the land his tribe lives on from other tribes and outsiders. Their territory was then one of the few places not colonized by Europeans. Pua is a young boy who cares for the village’s pigs. Battles take place frequently between the various Dani tribes. When someone is killed, the death must be avenged, and the fighting continues in a deadly cycleRead More »

  • Robert Gardner – Screening Room: Stan Brakhage (1973 – 1980)

    1971-1980ExperimentalRobert GardnerStan BrakhageTVUSA

    The Experimental filmmaker Stan Brakhage first appeared on Screening Room in May, 1973 to screen and discuss the films Eye Myth, Desist Film, Moth Light, and Blue Moses. Screening Room was a Boston television series that for almost ten years offered independent filmmakers a chance to show and discuss their work on a commercial (ABC-TV) television station. The series was developed and hosted by the filmmaker Robert Gardner who was Chairman of the Department of Visual and Environmental Studies and Director of the Carpenter Center for Visual Arts, Harvard University for many years. This unique television series explored genres which are rarely found on broadcast television including, animation, documentary, and experimental films.Read More »

  • Robert Gardner – Screening Room: Bruce Baillie (1975)

    1971-1980Bruce BaillieExperimentalRobert GardnerTVUSA

    Bruce Baillie appeared on Screening Room in April 1973 to screen and discuss the films:

    On Sundays (excerpt, 11:40)
    The Gymnasts (excerpt, 6:45)
    To Parsifal (full film, 15:12)
    Tung (full film, 4:32)
    Castro Street (full film, 9:54)Read More »

  • Robert Gardner – Screening Room: Hollis Frampton (1977)

    USA1971-1980ExperimentalRobert Gardner

    “Screening Room was developed and hosted by filmmaker Robert Gardner, who at the time, was Director of Harvard’s Visual Arts Center and Chairman of its Visual and Environmental Studies Department. His own films include Dead Birds (1964), and Forest of Bliss (1986).

    A major figure in the American experimental film movement of the 1960s and ‘70s and a widely published theorist, Hollis Frampton made such acclaimed and influential films as Zorns Lemma, the Hapax Legomena series, and the unfinished Magellan. Retrospectives of his work have been shown at the Walker Art Center, the Museum of Modern Art, and elsewhere.The journal October twice devoted whole issues to Frampton, and the entire body of his work is preserved in the Royal Film Archive of Belgium. Frampton taught at Cooper Union, Hunter College, and the State University of New York at Buffalo. In January 1977, Hollis Frampton appeared on Screening Room to discuss his work and screen Lemon, Pas De Trois, excerpts from Maxwell’s Demon, Surface Tension and Critical Mass, and footage from what ultimately became Magellan.” – DER websiteRead More »

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