Robert Hossein

  • Robert Hossein – La nuit des espions AKA Night Encounter (1959)

    1951-1960DramaFranceMysteryRobert Hossein

    ‘In England during the Second World War, a German spy is pursued by the British secret service in a bid to prevent him from returning to France with a valuable microfilm. In a mountain chalet, two spies, one male, the other female, meet, neither knowing the identity of the other. Not knowing which side the other is on, they are powerfully drawn to one another…’
    – James TraversRead More »

  • Robert Hossein – Toi… le venin AKA Blonde in a White Car (1958)

    Robert Hossein1951-1960FranceMysteryThriller

    Synopsis by Hal Erickson
    Robert Hossein was writer, director and star of the suspense melodrama Toi le Venin. Picked up by a beautiful motorist, jobless hitchhiker Pierre (Hossein) is subsequently romanced by the girl. Immediately thereafter, however, she dumps him, attempting to run him over as a final insult. Memorizing her license number, Pierre pursues the enigmatic motorist. Arriving at her home, Pierre is met by two young ladies (Marina Vlady and Odelle Versois), either one of whom might be the woman he’s looking for. The rest of the film concerns Pierre’s efforts to figure out which of his two hostesses intends to do him further harm.Read More »

  • Robert Hossein – Point de chute AKA Falling Point (1970)

    Robert Hossein1961-1970CrimeFranceThriller

    When his partners order him to eliminate their beautiful abductee, a kidnapper begins to lose his resolve.

    Letterboxd review
    ★★★★½ Watched by dirtylaundri 16 Mar 2019

    Wonderful to watch this directly after THE WICKED GO TO HELL, as both films form a perfect circle: The last shot of the earlier film showed a beachscape into which two men had just vanished; the first shot of the later film starts with almost exactly the same shot – an undistinguished greyish beachscape, that only slowly is revealed to be populated by a number of cars and swarming people.Read More »

  • Robert Hossein – Une corde, un Colt… AKA Cemetery Without Crosses (1969)

    Robert Hossein1961-1970DramaEuro WesternsFranceWestern

    This western finds Manuel (Robert Hossein) visiting his friends only to discover the husband has been murdered in a feud between two rival families. He promises the widow he will kidnap the daughter of the other family to avenge the killing. Manuel manages to apprehend the girl, and the widow has the girl raped. She offers the young woman back to her family in exchange for a decent burial for her murdered husband. The family of the kidnapped girl rides into town for the inevitable showdown in this violent story of murder and revenge. (allmovie)Read More »

  • Robert Hossein – Le vampire de Düsseldorf AKA The Vampire of Dusseldorf (1965)

    1961-1970FranceRobert HosseinThriller

    In the 1930s, chaos and misery reign over Düsseldorf as the Nazis begin their campaign of terror. But the city is afflicted by another menace, a serial killer who writes a letter to the police every time he murders a young woman. Who would suspect Peter Kuerten, a man who is so mild and unassuming? His only passion is Anna, a singer in a café, but she ignores him and makes fun of him. One day, Peter meets two young country girls, Paula and Rosa. Not long afterwards, Paula is found dead and Rosa, the prime witness to this murder, is herself killed a few days later. Unaware of Peter’s dark exploits, Anna becomes his lover. But then she finds one of the messages he sends to the police…Read More »

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