Roland Klick

  • Roland Klick – Schluckauf AKA Hiccup (1992)

    1991-2000ComedyCultGermanyRoland Klick

    Gertie, called Flo by her friends, sees her big chance of a model carreer, when she manages to get the business card of successful model Chantal at a fashion show in her sleepy village. She goes to Berlin and nests in the flat share of Chantal and Freddie. Whereas country girl Flo is still busy to find herself, Chantal is about to lose herself more and more in the depths of stardom. The story of a very unusual female friendship.Read More »

  • Roland Klick – Supermarkt (1974)

    1971-1980CrimeCultGermanyQueer Cinema(s)Roland Klick

    18-year old Willi is living on the street – there are no goals in his life. There, he meets several people, helping but also cheating him. When he finally meets Monica, he realizes that there are people out there whose lives are even more desperate than his. So he’s trying to help her (and him) by planning a great robbery on a supermarket’s money transporter.Read More »

  • Roland Klick – Bübchen AKA Little Vampire (1968)

    Drama1961-1970CrimeGermanyRoland Klick

    A strange case baffles the police and the citizens of a German small town. A two-year old girl has disappeared. There are suspects, innocents, guilty ones and a web of lies. It’s saturday afternoon, and Achim’s parents are invited for a topping-out ceremony. The neighbour’s daughter, Monika (Renate Roland), is the babysitter for Achim (Sascha Urchs) and his little sister Kathrin, but Monika doesn’t take the job too serious. She’d rather go for a ride with her boyfriend. Through a unforeseen row of circumstances, Achim becomes the murderer of his sister, and hides the body in a wrecked car on the scrapyard. When the parents return home, a frantic search for the little child begins. Only the father (Sieghardt Rupp) seems to know the truth…Read More »

  • Roland Klick – Deadlock [+ Extras] (1970)

    1961-1970CultEuro WesternsGermanyRoland KlickWestern

    A young man stumbles through the Mexican Sierra, shot and half bled to death, carrying a suitcase containing the loot from a bank robbery. Passing out, he is found by Charles Dump, a former gold miner living on the outskirts of a ghost town with his daughter.Read More »

  • Roland Klick – Jimmy Orpheus (1966)

    1961-1970DramaGermanyRoland Klick


    After three short films, Roland Klick finally wanted to shoot a real feature-length film in 1966. It almost worked out with that. But then the production company Atlas Film went bankrupt during the shooting of Jimmy Orpheus. That’s why this 50-minute film isn’t Klick’s originally planned film, but only his torso. Jimmy Orpheus also clearly shows this. And it does the film astonishingly good! This is a similarly successful creative accident as Jean-Luc Godard’s feature film debut Breathless, which came to the cinemas six years earlier. It was finished, as planned by Godard, but should be shortened afterwards at the instigation of the producer. Thus Godard radically snipped away everything that was not absolutely necessary to understand the plot – and invented the jump cut in this way.Read More »

  • Roland Klick – Bübchen AKA Little Boy [+Extras] (1968)

    1961-1970CrimeDramaGermanyRoland Klick


    “Buebchen” is the german word for “Little Boy”. The film was also released under the title “Little Vampire” which doesn’t make any sense at all.

    In a german suburb a babysitter is too busy with her own teenage business and leaves a boy with his little sister alone. Then the girl is missing. The only way the family and society are able to deal with the horror is to ignore it and hide the truth in the closet.

    A sharp study of german middle class society in the late 60s.
    Read More »

  • Sandra Prechtel – Roland Klick: The Heart Is a Hungry Hunter (2013)

    2011-2020CultDocumentaryGermanyRoland KlickSandra Prechtel


    Synopsis: The gritty, kinetic, visionary cinema of Roland Klick is ripe for rediscovery. After shooting with international stars, such as Mario Adorf and Dennis Hopper, Klick celebrated international success and achieved cult status. Yet after making only six features, he disappeared from the scene in a rather mysterious way. The story of an uncompromising film maniac.Read More »

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