• Yonfan – Yi luan qing mi AKA Double Fixation (1987)

    1981-1990Hong KongRomanceThrillerYonfan

    In this homage to Alfred Hitchcock, a femme fatale and a photographer embark on a romantic adventure surrounding a mysterious marble.Read More »

  • Yonfan – Liu jin sui yue AKA Last Romance (1988)

    Yonfan1981-1990DramaHong KongRomance

    Two of Hong Kong’s most adored screen goddesses lend their girlish charm to Last Romance, re-released 29 years after it became a rare commercial hit in the career of art-house director Yonfan.

    While its fashion and social setting are somewhat dated, the 1988 film still packs a punch with its deeply poignant tale of friendship and love that is repeatedly derailed by materialistic greed and lamentable life decisions.Read More »

  • Jacek Borcuch – Nieulotne AKA Lasting (2013)

    2011-2020DramaLucas DemarePolandRomance

    Lasting is an emotional love story about Michał and Karina, a pair of Polish students who meet and fall in love with each other while working summer jobs in Spain. An unexpected nightmare brutally breaks into their carefree time in the heavenly landscape and throws their lives into chaos.Read More »

  • Georgi Daneliya – Ya shagayu po Moskve AKA I Walk Around Moscow (1964)

    1961-1970ComedyGeorgi DaneliyaRomanceUSSR

    A 1964 Soviet film directed by Georgiy Daneliya and produced by Mosfilm studios. It stars Nikita Mihalkov, Aleksei Loktev, Jevgeny Steblov and Galina Polskikh. The film also features cameos by four People’s Artists of the USSR: Rolan Bykov, Vladimir Basov, Lev Durov, and Inna Churikova.

    The famous movie theme, performed by Mikhalkov, was written by the composer Andrej Petrov. The film, regarded as one of the most characteristic of the Khrushchev Thaw, premiered at the 1964 Cannes Film Festival and won a prize for the work of cameraman Vadim Yusov, best known for his subsequent collaboration with Andrei Tarkovsky.Read More »

  • Aino Suni – Heartbeast (2022)

    2021-2030Aino SuniDramaFranceRomance

    “It feels that friendship between girls is the most intimate, dependent relationship there is – even stronger than a marriage…” ~Aino SuniRead More »

  • Franco Zeffirelli – Otello AKA Othello (1986)

    1981-1990Franco ZeffirelliItalyMysteryRomance

    Based on Shakesphere’s play, Verdi’s opera depicts the devastating effects of jealousy, “…the green-eyed monster which doth mock the meat it feeds upon”. Believing Otello has promoted the fast-rising Cassio over himself, Iago plots to destroy both Cassio and Otello. Iago convinces the jealous Otello that his beautiful wife Desdemona is unfaithful, and that Cassio is her lover. Jealousy is followed by tragedy, then retribution, “Has Heaven no more thunderbolts?”Read More »

  • Jean Grémillon – L’Étrange Madame X AKA Strange Madame X (1951)

    Jean Grémillon1951-1960DramaFranceRomance

    Étienne, a modest carpenter, believes he has found the perfect partner in Irène, a beautiful young woman who appears to be devoted to him. But Irène is not the simple housemaid she pretends to be. In truth, she is the wife of a wealthy man, living in a grand house where she plays hostess at her frequent soirées to the cream of Parisian society. Irène is content with her double life until the day she discovers she is pregnant with Étienne’s child. After the baby is born, Irène promises to marry Étienne, without telling him that she must first persuade her present husband to agree to a divorce. Étienne’s hopes for future happiness are dashed when the business he attempts to set up fails and his child falls dangerously ill. The final blow comes when he visits Irène at the house where she claims to work and discovers the truth that she has long concealed from him…
    — James Travers .Read More »

  • Claude Chabrol – Les bonnes femmes AKA The Good Time Girls (1960)

    1951-1960Claude ChabrolDramaFranceRomance

    Four Parisian women navigate the world of romance and daily life looking to fulfill their dreams but often find real-life to be inescapable.

    Ginette, Rita, Jacqueline and Jane try to find fulfillment and love in their lives. Rita has a fiancé whose family is obsessed with social distinction; Jane has a boy-friend in the army, but does not hesitate to enjoy herself with chance encounters; Ginette has a mysterious passion that keeps her away from her colleagues at nights. Jacqueline is lonely; but who is that mysterious bike-rider who is constantly following her?Read More »

  • Celine Song – Past Lives (2023)

    2021-2030Celine SongDramaRomanceUSA

    Nora and Hae Sung, two deeply connected childhood friends, are wrested apart after Nora’s family emigrates from South Korea. Twenty years later, they are reunited for one fateful week as they confront notions of love and destiny.

    4 wins, 8 nominations.Read More »

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