Ronnie Cramer

  • Ronnie Cramer – Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend (1992)

    1991-2000CampExploitationRonnie CramerUSA

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    A lonely security guard can’t even get a decent blind date, so he begins peeping at women through their bedroom windows. Before long he’s paying call girls to come over and secretly videotaping every session.
    Within two weeks he’s blown his life savings and been subjected to a lot of verbal and physical abuse. This bizarre black comedy is loaded with naked women!

    Starring Andren Scott – with Monica McFarland, Karen Pombo, Becky Van Lewen and Sheila Traister. Directed by Ronnie Cramer, music by Alarming Trends.

    “The Best Drive-in Movie of 1992…” Joe Bob BriggsRead More »

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