Rosette – Les amis de Ninon AKA The Friends of Ninon (1998)

From the “Anniversaires” series.
To celebrate her birthday, Ninon, whose husband and children are away in the country, invites former lovers to her home. The party doesn’t go as planned. Read More »

Rosette, Eric Rohmer – Les aventures de Rosette AKA Rosette par Rosette AKA The Adventures of Rosette [+Extra] (1982-1987)

A series of five stories told by Rosette about her vacation.

Rosette wrote:
“In the early 80’s, I started shooting Rosette’s adventures in Super 8. They were vacation films made in complete freedom with a family of friends I met in Eric’s world (Arielle, Pascal, Marie, Amanda, Béatrice, Virginie, François-Marie…). Eric, who had a camera, took care of the image and this allowed him to practice while having fun, sometimes he even played a small role. This lightness inspired him, I believe, for films like Le rayon vert or Quatre aventures de Reinette et Mirabelle.” Read More »