Ross McElwee

  • Ross McElwee – Sherman’s March [+Extras] (1986)

    Filmmaker Ross McElwee grew up in the South and always marveled at how the folks there were affected by Union general William Tecumseh Sherman’s legacy. Aiming to delve deeper into the region’s interest, McElwee revisits the path of the general’s march that took down the Confederacy. But the tone of his documentary changes when he learns his girlfriend has left him, causing him to second-guess himself with each woman he meets during the shoot.Read More »

  • Ross McElwee – Charleen or How Long Has This Been Going On? (1980)

    The “wise and flamboyant” Charleen Swansea, McElwee’s friend and former high school teacher in Charlotte, North Carolina, is a born raconteur who can charm equally a classroom full of wary African American poetry students and a Bible studies group of genteel southern white women
    – Museum of Modern ArtRead More »

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