Roy Stuart

  • Roy Stuart – Glimpse Gold Vol.1 (2019)

    2011-2020ArthouseEroticaFranceRoy Stuart

    The ultimate Roy Stuart anthology !

    Be kind, rewind.
    Vintage lovers rejoice, the good old days are back! Studio C digs up the past with a new Roy Stuart movie collection. Return to where it all started with Glimpse Gold, an all new feature with never seen before footage! Glimpse Gold Volume 1 focuses on the 90’s with more than 2 hours of torrid adventures, castings and behind the scenes exclusive footage.Read More »

  • Roy Stuart – Glimpse Gold Vol 2 (2020)

    2011-2020ArthouseEroticaFranceRoy Stuart

    It’s back …and back in time! Glimpse Gold returns with more vintage scenes which defeat any measure of time!
    For this second volume of Roy Stuart’s Glimpse Gold collection Vol 2, studio C unveils over two hours of amazing, never-before-seen sequences ever caught on tape! Glimpse Gold Vol2 Chronicles the hottest moments on set with Roy Stuart and his charming crews of fresh faces. Each tremble of the tape reminds of an unbridled era full of uninhibited indulgence we miss and crave amongst today’s flavorless modernity.Read More »

  • Roy Stuart – Glimpse 26 – Alpha 3 (2023)

    2021-2030ArthouseEroticaFranceRoy Stuart

    This new Glimpse includes a Special Golden Showers Compilation from years past and present!

    We have gone to great lengths to search through all of our archives to find the most beautiful and enticing Golden Shower scenes, which we have included throughout our new GLIMPSE!

    New faces, new musical fusion, new footage. Never. Before. Seen! Stuart probes visual and emotional eroticism, from fleeting glimpses to elaborate imaginings. Only this time, there’s no holding back. This time …it’s emanations rom The Source and golden exhalations a gogo!Read More »

  • Roy Stuart – Glimpse 25 Alpha Vol 02 (2021)

    2021-2030ArthouseEroticaFranceRoy Stuart

    Roy Stuart continues to innovate and surprise with his iconic Glimpse series, bringing you Glimpse 25 Alpha Vol. 2, more audacious, sexual, and subversive than ever before! Liberated from the shackles of conventionality, this second installment of Alpha continues to push the boundaries of contemporary erotic art.Read More »

  • Roy Stuart – Glimpse 23 (2021)

    2021-2030ArthouseEroticaFranceRoy Stuart

    Created under the strictures of confinement in a stressed-out Paris, Roy Stuart presents the 23rd installment of his iconic Glimpse series. Undeterred by the lockdown blues, he creatively channels the current zeitgeist to address contemporary issues of sexuality and solve problems.
    In the film’s first sequence, the veil is lifted to reveal the challenging sexual dynamics in the era of social distancing. Two young girls reutrning home meet a stranger who is lost and whose phone is dead. They invite him up to charge his phone and a definite attraction develops between him and one of the girls. But how to materialize this desire into an organic situation, solving the sexual frustrations of the masked couple sitting alone on the girl’s bed and staring at into each other’s expectant eyes…Read More »

  • Roy Stuart – Glimpse 22 (2020)

    2011-2020ArthouseEroticaFranceRoy Stuart

    Roy Stuart continues his masterpiece series of ‘erotic refinement pushed to the ultimate aesthetic’ with this follow-up to Glimpse 21. American actress and model, Caprice Elise (Ridley Scott’s ‘The Last Duel’) returns in Glimpse 22, and for the first time, illuminates the screen with absolute abandonment! This might be the most explicit in the Glimpse series. Roy Stuart is at the top of his art as he ushers in a new decade with this blazing two hour feature, ever-avoiding the pitfalls and frustrations of predictable mainstream cinema and sad industrial porn. Highly addictive to the mind and then suddenly to the sex, Glimpse 22 is guaranteed to overtake you over and over again. Be warned… Desire is burning in Glimpse 22!Read More »

  • Roy Stuart – Glimpse 21 (2019)

    2011-2020ArthouseEroticaFranceRoy Stuart

    « For the fun? For the money? Nah, for the pleasure pleasure honey! »

    No more industrial porn! No more supermarket of sex!—This new Glimpse does however contain strong explicit scenes even though they have nothing to do with the sad industrial internet porn that relegates the mechanics of sex to crude functionalism.

    In 2019 cinema has evolved to the stage where so called “normal” feature films are breaking new ground, enriching the narrative by including explicit scenes, directors such as Gaspar Noé, Lars von Trier, and John Cameron Mitchell, come to mind.
    Glimpse is the alternative, The Third Way, here we are in the realm of contemporary art.Read More »

  • Roy Stuart – Glimpse 4 (1998)

    1991-2000ArthouseEroticaFranceRoy Stuart

    Review of Glimpse 4 by Victor Westman

    Another generously-crammed club-sandwich of a Roy Stuart video, with mostly tasty ingredients spilling out in all directions and in totally variable proportions. You never know whether a leisurely scene-opening is going to lead in to a brief short or to an extended twelve minutes or more. Two-minute prototypes here include a high-heel-teetering bookshop seductress, walking in to administer mouth relief to bemused Taschen browsers (may we have a second edition, please!), and a café-scene involving Cyril, a woman friend, a waitress, peeks up skirts on a spiral staircase, and a loo engaged when most needed.Read More »

  • Roy Stuart –  Glimpse 20 (2018)

    2011-2020ArthouseEroticaFranceRoy Stuart

    20 years of Glimpse! An anniversary triumph! Glimpse 20 is an intensely sexual, socially transgressive film unmatched in contemporary erotic filmography. Stuart, influenced by authors Angela Carter, William S. Burroughs, Carlos Castenada and Georges Bataille, remains passionately opposed to commercial pornography and insists every scene subvert and skewer some societally imposed sexual taboo. Women are portrayed with strength and sexual agency; men are often submissive; all are adventuresome and fluid. – Dian HansonRead More »

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