Rudolph Cartier

  • Rudolph Cartier – BBC Play of the Month: An Ideal Husband (1969)

    1961-1970BBCComedyRudolph CartierTVUnited Kingdom

    An Ideal Husband (BBC1, 1969, dir. Rudolph Cartier)

    Rudolph Cartier’s Play of the Month version of Oscar Wilde’s An Ideal Husband (1895) shares the same aesthetic of visual pleasure realised through detail as Cedric Messina’s Pygmalion (BBC1 16 December 1973), as well as many common features of setting and dressing; ballrooms, studies, morning rooms, elegant dresses and eveningwear. However, Cartier’s directorial technique demonstrates a greater awareness of the possibilities of studio technique to comment upon the action of a play, and is an exemplary production in its use of finely realised period detail to achieve dramatic effects, as an interpretation that works on deeper levels than surface aesthetic visual pleasure. Read More »

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