Rudolph Maté

  • Rudolph Maté – The Siege at Red River (1954)

    1951-1960Rudolph MatéUSAWestern

    In Ohio in 1865, a Gatling gun is being transported by a Confederate Army officer in civilian clothes, calling himself Jim Farraday, and a sergeant, going by Benjy, to aid the Southern cause in the war. They come to the aid of a Rebel-hating Yankee nurse, Nora Curtis, whose wagon is stuck in the mud.

    Stopping off in a town for supplies and information, Farraday falls under the suspicion of a Pinkerton detective, Frank Kelso, who has been assigned to locate the stolen Gatling gun. Behind her back, Farraday and Benjy smuggle the gun out of town in Nora’s wagon……Read More »

  • Rudolph Maté – The Mississippi Gambler (1953)

    1951-1960RomanceRudolph MatéUSAWestern

    In 1854 Mississippi, honest riverboat card gambler Mark Fallon wins young Laurent Dureau’s diamond necklace, a family heirloom which, in the end, will bring him happiness and tragedy alike.Read More »

  • Rudolph Maté – Three Violent People (1956)

    1951-1960DramaRudolph MatéUSAWestern

    After the American Civil War, Captain Colt Saunders returns to Texas to his homeland Bar S Ranch, which has belonged to his family for generations. While in town, he has an incident and meets the former gal from St. Louis Lorna Hunter and without knowing her past, he immediately proposes and gets married to her. When they arrive in Bar S, he meets his brother Beauregard ‘Cinch’ Saunders, the black-sheep of the family that lost one arm in his childhood and blames Colt for the accident. Read More »

  • Rudolph Maté – The 300 Spartans (1962)

    1961-1970EpicRudolph MatéUSAWar

    A colorful action film about the Battle Of Thermopylae in 480 B.C. in which the Spartans defend themselves for a Persian invasion against overwhelming odds. King Leodinas (Richard Egan) rallies the locals to stop the attack of thousands of plundering Persian invaders led by evil King Xerxes (David Farrar). Sir Ralph Richardson as Themistocles of Athens leads the international cast this the spectacular cinematic conflict that has more emphasis on action rather than historical accuracy.
    — Dan PavlidesRead More »

  • Rudolph Maté – Union Station (1950)

    USA1941-1950Film NoirRudolph MatéThriller

    Union Station is a tense crime thriller in the tradition of The Naked City that unfolds in Los Angeles. William Holden plays railroad worker Lt. William Calhoun. Calhoun goes into action when Lorna Murchison (Allene Roberts), the sightless daughter of millionaire Henry Murchison (Herbert Heyes), is kidnapped by ruthless Joe Beacon (Lyle Bettger). The abduction is witnessed by Joyce Willecombe (Nancy Olson), Murchison’s secretary. Using the handful of clues provided by Joyce, Calhoun and his associate, Inspector Donnelly (Barry Fitzgerald) do their best to second-guess the kidnapper.Read More »

  • Rudolph Maté – The Dark Past (1948)

    1941-1950Film NoirRudolph MatéUSA

    Taken hostage along with his family and friends, psychologist Andrew Collins (Lee J. Cobb) is held by the murderous fugitive Al Walker (William Holden) and his gang. While Walker’s crew, which includes his lover, Betty (Nina Foch), tends to the other hostages, the desperate mastermind talks to Collins about his troubled past. As the night progresses, Collins gets Walker to focus on a disturbing dream, resulting in a psychological breakthrough that may help avoid a violent conflict.Read More »

  • Rudolph Maté – The Rawhide Years (1955)

    1951-1960Rudolph MatéUSAWestern


    Synopsis :
    In this western, an adventurous gambler goes on the lam when he is falsely accused of a riverboat killing. He hides out for three years before returning to prove his innocence and find the girl he loves. Unfortunately, the girl is involved with the gang ringleader responsible for the killing.Read More »

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