• Natalya Kudryashova – Gerda (2021) (HD)

    2021-2030DramaNatalya KudryashovaRussia

    It seemed to me that on the other side of that forest, I would find a completely different life, the kind I could only dream of.” ~International Cinephile Society

    Lera is a young student of sociology by day and moonlights as a dancer in a strip club under the moniker Gerda to make a living. She is taking care of her ill mother while protecting her from the outbursts from her partner, Gerda’s father, who left them for another woman.Read More »

  • Anatoliy Vasilyev – Saiylyk AKA Summer House (1992)

    1991-2000Anatoliy VasilyevMysteryRussiaThriller

    The recent commercial and critical flourishing of Sakha cinema – within the Republic, across Russia, and on the global stage – has been remarkable. But no film culture emerges ex nihilo. There are always predecessors, inheritances, and vocabularies from which to build. In purely filmmaking terms, the origins of today’s “Sakhawood” lie in Soviet cinema history as well as in the early pioneers of the post-communist Republic; on a deeper cultural level, they derive from the shared visual and spiritual language of the people themselves. As their broad acclaim demonstrates, the recent wave of films have a universal appeal. But they also stand as proof of the vitality and creativity of a very particular worldview. All of this is encapsulated in Anatoly Vasiliev’s striking and (until now) rarely seen Summer House.Read More »

  • Aleksey Fedorchenko – The Last Darling Bulgaria (2021)

    2021-2030Aleksey FedorchenkoArthouseComedyRussia

    A stark experiment by director A. Fedorchenko and a new form of cinema, which takes the spectator into the recollections of the protagonist, along corridors of memory and through key events of Russian history from the Silver Age to WWII.Read More »

  • Alexander Zolotukhin – Brat vo vsyom AKA Brother in Every Inch (2022)

    2021-2030Alexander ZolotukhinDramaRussia

    Brothers Mitya and Andrey want nothing more than to conquer the skies flying jets. To achieve this, they undergo Russian military pilot training. The twins watch out for each other – in every situation.Read More »

  • Oleg Kovalov – Sady skorpiona AKA Gardens of the Scorpion (1992)

    1991-2000DocumentaryExperimentalOleg KovalovRussia

    For his directing début, Oleg Kovalov chose a very extravagant experiment. As a basis he took a propaganda film from the fifties, The Case of Corporal Kochetkov, dissected this as it were and gave the naked structure a new substance and new accents by re-cutting the shots and adding documentary material from the fifties, such as newsreel footage of Khrushchev’s visit to America and pictures of the visit by Yves Montand and Simone Signoret to Moscow. The film about corporal Kochetkov called on the Soviet citizens to be on their guard and showed how sly the enemy was: for instance it could pose as an innocent girl. Kovalov creams off the emotional froth from this melodrama, deconstructs its codes and subjects it to a thoughtful analysis. For instance he reveals paranoia and spy-phobia, complexes in the ‘collective Soviet unconscious’ that is still active even in relatively enlightened periods.Read More »

  • Pavel Chukhray – Vor AKA The Thief (1997)

    1991-2000CrimeDramaPavel ChukhrayRussia

    A woman meets a man who isn’t the right man for her – but she hasn’t realised it yet…Read More »

  • Sergey Livnev – Serp i molot AKA Hammer and Sickle (1994)

    1991-2000DramaRussiaSci-FiSergey Livnev

    This is an interesting yet bizarre little tale of a fictional (as far as I know, anyway) experiment performed during the Stalin-controlled years in the USSR. The main character is changed from a woman into a man. This is part of a larger plan to change more women into men and have a stronger work-force/army, etc. It’s a very in-depth character study of the main character, who tries to fit into a world that she (now ‘he’) doesn’t really understand, especially since she’s now a man … Stalin dislikes the results of the experiments and has the scientist killed. Read More »

  • Timur Bekmambetov – Dnevnoy dozor AKA Day Watch (2006)

    2001-2010FantasyHorrorRussiaTimur Bekmambetov

    Day Watch (also known as Night Watch 2: The Chalk of Fate), is a sequel to the 2004 film Night Watch, featuring the same cast. It is based on the second and the third part of Sergey Lukyanenko’s novel The Night Watch rather than its follow-up novel Day Watch. It is the second part in the Night Watch trilogy, although the third film (Dusk or Twilight Watch) has not yet been produced.

    A man who serves in the war between the forces of Light and Dark comes into possession of a device that can restore life to Moscow, which was nearly destroyed by an apocalyptic event.Read More »

  • Konstantin Lopushanskiy – Konets veka AKA The Turn of the Century [Director’s Cut] (2001)

    2001-2010ArthouseFantasyKonstantin LopushanskiyRussia

    Konets Veka is another Konstantin Lopushansky fantasy parable with the elements of a mystic thriller. The story takes place in Moscow in the autumn of 1993, during a strike; the army is assaulting the parliament, and Marina Nikolayevna and her daughter Olga have found themselves on opposite sides of the conflict. Six years later, Olga feels sorry for her mother and decides to invite her to Germany to have her treated at a mental hospital by a perverted doctor who promises to cure her. Olga’s mother, however, cannot shake the memory of her husband, who died in 1993 during the strike in Moscow.Read More »

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