Salomé Lamas

  • Salomé Lamas – Eldorado XXI (2016)

    Set in the highest settlement in the world, La Rinconada y Cerro Lunar (5500m), in the Peruvian Andes. Moved by the same interests as in the ancient times, people live and work in the most precarious of conditions. An illusion of gold and a better life leads men to self destruction.Read More »

  • Salomé Lamas – Extraction: The Raft Of The Medusa (2019)

    Extraction: The Raft of the Medusa portrays a brief moment of euphoria as the occupants on the raft spot a glimpsic illusion for their drift, hoping and praying to be rescued. We can almost hear the hoarse cries in an attempt to draw attention to their desperate plight, mustering their last ounce of strength to the void. This is their last chance of survival.Read More »

  • Salomé Lamas – Terra de ninguém AKA No Man’s Land (2012)

    A modest chair in the semi shade of a derelict place… An old man wearing a black shirt sits on that chair and starts talking with a calm voice: “Fiz um curso de engenharia elétrica, depois fui fazer o serviço militar e a partir daí dei caminho à minha vida como mercenário” (I did a course in electrical engineering, then I did my military service and from there started my life as a mercenary). Thus begins the 2012 acclaimed documentary Terra de Ninguém (No man’s land in Portuguese) directed by Salomé Lamas. [Terra Nullius: Confessions d’un mercenaire, 2014].Read More »

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