Samy Szlingerbaum

  • Samy Szlingerbaum – Bruxelles-transit (1982)

    Bruxelles-transit (1982)
    Fictional re-enactments about the early years in Belgium of the director’s parents, Jewish immigrants from Poland, and scenes taken in modern Brussels in this elliptical experimental feature.
    “This is the threnody of rootlessness and marginality, set in the neighbourhood of the Brussels Midi Station. ‘their area, their burrow, their kingdom – today I still have the impression that they are camping there’ (S. Szlingerbaum). The 80 minutes of the film avidly probe this past of his mother’s memories via the voice-over, songs, whispered confidences and a handful of fictional scenes also in Yiddish, ‘a language which is dying out as its last speakers are lost in the city,’ in the words of the director.” – René Michelems.Read More »

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