Santiago Loza

Santiago Loza – Malambo, el hombre bueno AKA Malambo, the Good Man (2018)

A Malambo dancer prepares himself all his life for the tournament. If he achieves victory, it will be his end. The winners can no longer compete, they must retire. They may only train others to face the same challenge. This is a fiction about the experience of some Malambo dancers. Read More »

Santiago Loza – Breve historia del planeta verde AKA Brief Story from the Green Planet (2019)

In director Santiago Loza’s Teddy Award winner (Best Feature Film 2019), young trans woman Tania is tasked with caring for her recently deceased grandmother’s closest companion — an alien, whom she and her comrades must safely return to its origins. As the group makes the journey on foot, Tania finds herself supernaturally linked with her extraterrestrial charge, confronting past trauma that manifests as remorseful childhood bullies and as past lovers with new commitments. Each traveler overcomes their fears and heartbreak on this tender, epic journey. Read More »