Sarah Maldoror

Sarah Maldoror – Le passager du Tassili (1987)

A man loses his passport on the way back to France after a trip to Algeria. Read More »

Sarah Maldoror – Aimé Césaire – un homme une terre (1976)

Documentary on the négritude movement through one of its founders, Aimé Césaire. Read More »

Sarah Maldoror – Et les chiens se taisaient (1974)

Recordings of extracts from the Aimé Césaire play : in a long, pain-racked poem declaimed before his mother, the rebel cries his revolt against the enslavement of his people. Read More »

Sarah Maldoror – Monangambeee (1968)

“Monangambeee” was a rallying cry used by activists during Angola’s anti-colonial liberation struggle to gather villages together. The film of the same title addresses Portuguese arrogance towards Angolan culture. Sarah Maldoror draws on a novella by José Luandino Vieira, the story of a political prisoner, to make a film about humiliation, solidarity and resistance. Read More »

Sarah Maldoror – Sambizanga (1973)

Plot Summary of the Film

Sambizanga opens in a coastal village where the men are employed on a construction gang. We follow Domingos, a big, handsom tractor driver, as he as a friendly conversation with Sylvester, a Portuguese engineer. The opening credits appear and we hear the song Monanagambée on the sountrack. Domingos returns home (kicking a soccer ball around with some neighborhood kids en route), where his wife, Maria, awaits him with their infant son. They have a peaceful dinner together. Domingos visits a friend, and brings along a secret revolutionary flyer. We then see Domingos and Maria in bed together with their baby; they take turns holding the boy, trying to calm him into sleep. Read More »

Sarah Maldoror – Scala Milan AC (2003)

A group of young people from the St. Denis banlieu, from different ethnic and geographic backgrounds, participate in a school contest to tell their neighborhood, whose prize is a trip to Milan. With the collaboration of the historical jazz musician Archie Shepp, they create a poetic hymn to the racialized and invisible France that rises above marginalization. The film, also produced by another filmmaker, Agnès Varda, is a collaboration on its own bill between the filmmaker and teenagers. Read More »

Sarah Maldoror – Un dessert pour Constance AKA Dessert for Constance (1981)

In the 70’s, Bokolo and Mamadou sweepers in the city of Paris, looking for a way to pay for the return home of one of their sick comrades. When they discover an old book of recipes in the trash, the idea came to participate in a televised game of decline precisely the ingredients of the best dishes of French cuisine. They memorize the recipes sauces, puddings and desserts. Read More »