Scott Barley

  • Scott Barley – Sleep Has Her House (2017)

    Scott Barley2011-2020DramaMystery

    The shadows of screams climb beyond the hills. It has happened before. But this will be the last time. The last few sense it, withdrawing deep into the forest. They cry out into the black, as the shadows pass away, into the ground.

    Note from the director:
    This film is intended to be viewed only in complete darkness, with either headphones or a quality sound system.
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  • Scott Barley – Polytechnique (2014)

    2011-2020ExperimentalScott BarleyUnited Kingdom

    Polytechnique is an audio-visual collaboration between Italian ambient/drone musician, Easychord and UK filmmaker, Scott Barley.
    The film is best viewed in a dark room with a quality sound system or headphones.
    Guided by Easychord’s haunting, bodily piece, the visuals attempt to explore and invoke the concepts of prisoner’s cinema, stream of consciousness, repetition, the primordial body, fundamental entities, and astral planes.Read More »

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