Seijun Suzuki

Seijun Suzuki – Ana no kiba AKA The Fang in the Hole (1979)

A police detective tries to investigate the mystery of a victim who was shot in the head, but no bullet was found. From the Sunday Horror Series. Read More »

Seijun Suzuki – Hyakuman Doru O Tatakidase AKA Million Dollar Smash-And-Grab (1961)

A boxing melodrama. Two friends become boxers and begin training for the championship. The two boys eventually face each other in the ring. Read More »

Seijun Suzuki – Hana to dotô AKA The Flower and the Angry Waves (1964)

It’s 1964 and Seijun Suzuki continues to work harder than any other director doing the rounds. Working from a novel by Aoyama Koji he tells the story of Ogata Kikuji (Kobayashi Akira) – a former Yakuza member, now on the straight and narrow. One year ago he rescued a woman named Oshige (Matsubara Chieko) from the clutches of his Yakuza boss and shortly after they wed; for his insolent behaviour a quiet assassin called Yoshimura (Kawaji Tamio) is sent to take care of Kikuji, who is now living under the roof of reformed gangster and innkeeper Ihei (Takashina Kaku). Meanwhile, Kikuji keeps his relationship with Oshige a secret, even shielding his marriage from Manryu (Kubo Naoko) – who has taken quite a liking to him and wishes to escape her depressing situation, brought on by years of having to put up with unscrupulous men. Read More »

Seijun Suzuki – Ore ni kaketa yatsura AKA The Guys Who Put Money On Me (1962)

An unofficial sequel to Million Dollar Match (1961) which also starred Koji Wada as a young energetic boxer. This story deals more with betting action surrounding a boxing match, concentrating mostly on the high-powered Yakuza gambling dens.

Once again, Suzuki was reprimanded by his Nikkatsu boss, Kyusaku Hori, for refusing to deliver a simple, straightforward story. The scolding centers on Suzuki’s “extensive use of symbolism in a traditional action picture.” Read More »

Seijun Suzuki – Kapone oi ni naku aka Capone Cries a Lot (1985)

Capone Cries a Lot (カポネ大いに泣く, Kapone ōi ni naku?, aka Capone’s Flood of Tears) is a 1985 Japanese comedy film directed by Seijun Suzuki. It stars Kenichi Hagiwara as a naniwa-bushi singer who travels with his wife to the United States in hopes of achieving fame and fortune. Read More »

Seijun Suzuki – Akutarô AKA The Incorrigible (1963)

A teenager is dismissed from school for misconduct. His mother moves him to a high-school out in the sticks, so as to cool him down. However, it is not long before he starts rebelling against the established order and the local beauty catches his eye… Read More »

Seijun Suzuki – Akutarô-den: Warui hoshi no shita demo AKA Born Under Crossed Stars (1965)

A young man with a strong sense of justice is torn between two girls: the flighty Taneko and the serious Suzuko. Read More »