Senem Tüzen

  • Adam Isenberg & Noah Amir Arjomand & Senem Tüzen – Eat Your Catfish (2021)

    Kathryn’s ALS has left her paralyzed, but she holds on to see her daughter’s wedding. With dark humor and extraordinary intimacy, this film probes the breakdown of a family’s bonds and of a woman’s will to live.Read More »

  • Senem Tüzen – Ana Yurdu (2015)


    Nesrin, an urban upper-middle class woman, goes back to her parents’ old village in Anatolia to finish a novel and live out her dream of being a writer. When her conservative mother turns up uninvited and refuses to leave, Nesrin’s writing stalls and her fantasies of village life turn bitter. The two woman are forced to confront the darker corners of each other’s inner worlds.
    – Written by Adam Isenberg Read More »

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