Serge Bozon

  • Serge Bozon – Tip Top (2013)

    2011-2020ComedyFranceMysterySerge Bozon


    ‘After an informer of Algerian origin is killed in Villeneuve, a nondescript little town in northern France, two senior police officers, Esther Lafarge and Sally Marinelli, are sent to investigate. Right from the start, Esther and Sally fail to hit it off with Robert Mendès, the detective who was the dead man’s police contact and whose cack-handed attempts to build bridges with the town’s immigrant community are as subtle as they are effective. Esther’s addiction to casual violence not only assists in her day job, it also adds spice to her love life, although the cuts and grazes she sustains in her off-duty hours are apt to be misinterpreted. Sally, by contrast, is a timid soul who, despite her admiration for Esther, has an aversion to any kind of physical contact. Read More »

  • Serge Bozon & Julie Desprairies – L’architecte de Saint-Gaudens AKA The Architect of Saint-Gaudens (2015)

    2011-2020ArchitectureFranceJulie DesprairiesSerge BozonShort Film

    The Architect of Saint-Gaudens is a musical and choreographic film.
    An architect sings, while he strolls about, about the buildings he constructed in a small village in the Pyrénées. He is accompanied by the inhabitants, who sing and dance in their homes, workplaces, and places of study.
    A dialog takes shape between the architect and the population about his work, its paradoxes and its rules.Read More »

  • Serge Bozon – Don Juan (2022)

    2021-2030FranceMusicalRomanceSerge Bozon

    Jilted on his wedding day, Laurent, a stage actor playing the role of the famous seducer Don Juan, cannot help but see his ex-fiancée in every women he meets. In an attempt to mend his broken heart and ego, he tries to seduce them all but none are receptive to his elaborate (and musical) advances. Meanwhile, at the theater, the leading lady quits and the production brings in Laurent’s ex-fiancée as the replacement.Read More »

  • Serge Bozon – Mods (2002)

    2001-2010ComedyFranceSerge Bozon

    Two brothers, both military, come to a kind of campus, where their third brother is kind of ill : he keeps in his room, not speaking anymore.
    Why ? What can one do for him ?

    One can think of Bresson with humor, or a poetic musical. The less you know about the movie before watching it, the better it is. It is too simple and too fragile to resist too much description.Read More »

  • Serge Bozon – La France (2007)

    2001-2010FranceMusicalSerge BozonWar

    Vive La France by Serge Bozon, a heady experiment full of soul that more than delivers on the allegorical chutzpah of its title. On receiving a troubling letter from her husband, a soldier in the First World War, Camille (Sylvie Testud) sets off to find him incognito, chopping her coif and wrapping her boobs to pass as a lad of 17. Deep in a forest landscape rendered with limpid concentration by cinematographer Céline Bozon, she falls in with a clutch of soldiers mobilized to the front. Or so it seems: Strange things are afoot in La France—like the spontaneous performance of twee, jangling ballads, rendered on scrap-yard acoustic instruments and sung, from an unabashed female perspective, by the harmonizing grunts. Weirder than the arrival of these inexplicable neo-retro-folk jams is how seamlessly they fit into Bozon’s melancholic war fable. Which is to say La France invents a curious and confident hybrid mode to accommodate, even reconcile, disparate modes and strategies: war film and musical, elegiac and avant-garde, cerebral and poignant, rigorous and flexible.Read More »

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