Shimako Sato

  • Shimako Sato – K-20: Kaijin niju menso den AKA K-20: Legend of the Mask (2008)

    2001-2010AdventureFantasyJapanShimako Sato

    Holy Steampunk, Sherlock Holmes! Screen idol Takeshi Kaneshiro is back and this time hes showing his respect for Lupin, Raffles and all the great thieves and masked penny dreadful heroes of the turn-of-the-century in this massive steampunk blow-out directed by Shimako Sato, one of the few female directors in the big budget end of the Japanese film industry.Read More »

  • Shimako Sato – Eko Eko Azaraku aka Eko Eko Azarak: Wizard of Darkness (1995)

    1991-2000AsianHorrorJapanShimako Sato

    Misa Kuroi is an adorable high-school girl who arrives at her new school when it is falling under an evil supernatural force. Trying to figure out who’s behind the supernatural attack, Misa also has to deal with assumptions by her fellow classmates that believe she is the one behind it all. Misa and twelve other students are kept late after school hours one day to retake an exam. Then, after sunset, the entire school is deserted, and the students find themselves trapped inside and their teacher no where to be found. One by one, the thirteen students are picked up and disposed of in horrific and graphic fashion. It is up to Misa to try and gain the trust of her fellow students so that she can protect them and stop the evil before it’s too late.Read More »

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