Shireen Seno

  • Shireen Seno – Nervous Translation (2017)

    2011-2020ArthousePhilippinesShireen Seno

    Informed by filmmaker Shireen Seno’s childhood in the Filipino diaspora and her dual training in film and architecture, this sophomore work is a stylized evocation of a child’s fanciful interpretation of the world around her. Eight-year-old Yael, left to her own devices after school, secretly plays and replays audio cassettes her father sends home to her mother while working overseas in Saudi Arabia; pursues happiness as communicated to her via a TV advertisement; and, in fanciful scenes that evoke the work of American artist Laurie Simmons, enters the meditative, immersive world of her dollhouse’s kitchen. Seno offers fleeting clues from the late-eighties outside world, hinting at societal turmoil following Ferdinand Marcos’s ouster and complicated adult relations, but these never overshadow her film‘s touching depiction of childhood imagination.Read More »

  • Shireen Seno – Big Boy (2011)

    Philippines2011-2020ExperimentalShireen Seno

    In the Philippines of the 1950s, a young boy is growing, but not enough in his parents’ eyes: they subject him to daily stretching exercises and administer a homemade potion that they are trying to commercialise.Read More »

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