Shozin Fukui

  • Shozin Fukui – Den Sen aka Infection (2004)

    2001-2010AsianJapanMysteryShozin Fukui


    Shozin Fukui, whose directorial style is often compared to that of Shinya Tsukamoto, put out two extremely strange DV-shot cyberpunk horror films in the 90s, 964 Pinocchio in 1991 and Rubber’s Lover in 1996, returns to film after a 10 year hiatus with Den Sen. This film was shot entirely on Digital Video. A trio of journalists receive a mysterious DVD from an unknown source. The young woman journalist decides to watch the DVD and disappears. Her two friends begin an investigation into her disappearance that turns up a video she shot while watching the DVD they received in the mail. Upon viewing it appears she was not alone in her apartment. Who is the mystery woman seen only in a reflection and what caused the young lady to commit suicide?Read More »

  • Shozin Fukui – Kyatapira AKA Caterpillar (1988)

    1981-1990JapanShort FilmShozin Fukui

    The power of angel and fallen angel are awake and they both start to affect the function of the cyborg. Sharman and Golden Mask accelerate the speed of destruction. MIU sings a song in spite of these drive. The non-stop accelerated power barrel through the metropolice. Overwhelming cuts and sounds has got beyond the boundaries of the traditional film size.Read More »

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