Simon Jaquemet

  • Simon Jaquemet – Chrieg AKA War (2014)

    2001-2010DramaSimon JaquemetSwitzerland


    Masculinity turns against itself in Simon Jaquemet’s teen violence debut

    Home is where the hate is in At War, in which a teenager’s boot camp punishment becomes a kind of perverted camaraderie. Filmed in the spirit of gritty Euro-miserabilists like the Dardenne Brothers and infused with the same show-all/judge nothing ethos, the film has a drive and intensity that pushes it compellingly through its first half before descending into predictability as it doggedly brings its inner logic full circle. But there’s enough of interest happening in that first section to ensure that there’ll be more to come from director Simon Jaquemet when War has done its time on the festival frontline.Read More »

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