Sinisa Dragin

  • Sinisa Dragin – În fiecare zi Dumnezeu ne saruta pe gura aka Everyday God Kisses Us on the Mouth (2001)

    2001-2010DramaRomaniaSinisa Dragin

    surreal, dreamlike, unorthodox…see it., 10 June 2003
    Author: idc22 from Philadelphia, PA

    This film was shown as “Every Day God Kisses Us On The Mouth” at the Philadelphia Film Festival this year to a surprisingly large crowd; it was met with more than its share of confused silence. I think the audience expected something different then what was on screen…Personally I went in expecting a film about a serial killer and his pet goose, something akin to a Romanian twist on Gaspar Noe’s utterly brilliant “Seul Contre Tous”. Sure, that’s perhaps a fraction of it, but as the film moves forth, it reveals itself to be a highly surreal, unorthodox, and sad film.Read More »

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