Slobodan D. Pesic

  • Slobodan D. Pesic – Slucaj Harms AKA The Harms Case (1987)

    1981-1990ArthouseSlobodan D. PesicYugoslavia

    Harms Case, The / Slučaj Harms [FL 555]
    The film is based on the life and writing of Russian avant-garde poet of the 1920s Danilo Ivanovič Harms who has become a cult figure in Yugoslavia. Harms wrote about strange and absurd cases, only to became a “case” himself when he was persecuted by the Soviet authorities. The film describes a possible, but bizarre scenario of his last days in 1942. After the authorities have questioned him about his fictional literal characters and their whereabouts he is finally released. Read More »

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