Sôichirô Tahara

  • Kunio Shimizu & Sôichirô Tahara – Arakajime ushinawareta koibitotchiyo aka Lost lovers (1971)

    Takeru (Renji Ishibashi), a young rebel, is travelling alone in the North of Honshu. He once used to practice pole vaulting but he gave up and became a robber. Along his trip he crosses the path of a young couple doing a performance for a super market. Fascinated by both of them but probably a bit attracted by the mysterious silent girl (Kaori Momoi), he decides to follow them. He starts to realize that they have no other means of communication than their hands and gestures. One night, some young laborers from the town kidnap the girl and rape her. The next morning, Takeru and his friend (Tenmei Kanō) head to the mine in order to find the girl and avenge her.Read More »

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