Pilar Miró – El Pájaro de la Felicidad AKA The Bird of Happiness (1993)

An art restorer is raped on the street by a gang; getting little support from her lover, she leaves him and is determined to change her life.
This film was screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 1993 Cannes Film Festival.
Ondas Awards, Best Actress, 1993 Read More »

Neus Ballús – Sis Dies Corrents AKA The Odd-Job Men (2021)

A subtle comedy about masculinity and barely hidden social anxieties, Neus Ballús’s latest delivers a tender look at Barcelona through the eyes of a recent émigré.

Barcelona appears to be a sleepy summertime city in Neus Ballús’s latest feature, a place stranded in a recent past where things move slowly, where most people seem ready for a nap. That is not the case for Mohamed (Mohamed Mellali), a shy but determined Moroccan immigrant starting his week-long trial at a small plumbing and electrical repair company. He’s expected to take over for Pep (Pep Sarrà), who is looking forward to retirement after decades on the job. Read More »

Fernando Trueba – Ópera prima (1980)

Boy meets girl. Matias meets Violeta, his cousin (“prima”) one morning in Madrid at the Plaza de Opera. He is twenty-five. She is 18. He’s a divorced journalist trying to write a thriller. She studies violin. She’s a vegetarian. He loves meat. Many things separate them, but he moves into her apartment. Read More »

Jesús Franco – La esclava blanca (1985)

Robert Monell wrote:
Of the eight other films Franco made in 1985 (half of them hardcore porno features), this very low budget adventure stands out because of an absorbing, multi-layered script by ace Spanish screenwriter Santiago Moncada. Beside writing Mario Bava’s HATCHET FOR THE HONEYMOON, Claudio Guerin Hill’s THE BELL FROM HELL and Juan Antonio Bardem’s THE CORRUPTION OF CHRIS MILLER, Moncada has written and produced screenplays for a variety of European genre directors. Manuel Cano’s SWAMP OF THE RAVENS, TARZAN’S GREATEST CHALLENGE and VOODOO BLACK EXORCIST were all based on Moncada screenplays, not to mention the ultra-violent Spanish western CUTTHROATS NINE. This film was co-produced by Moncada and Franco’s Manacoa company. Read More »

Iván Zulueta – Delirios de amor: Párpados (1989)

I’m talking about ARREBATO (1979), of course.

While Zulueta can be compared to other great filmmakers like Lynch or Buñuel, watching his brief filmography (he had no luck with the film industry) it’s obvious that he has his own, magnificent style. An style that combines surrealism, fantasy and most important, the exploration of the fascinating human mind (ARREBATO was a film about an obsession and a dependence). Read More »

Sergi Pérez – El camí més llarg per tornar a casa AKA The Long Way Home (2014)

One morning Joel finds his wife’s dog Elvis half dead. This forces him out of home, something he has avoided for a long time. After forgetting his keys inside, he’ll spend the day desperately trying to get back into his flat, his shelter. Read More »

Pedro Olea – El bosque del lobo AKA The Ancines Woods (1970)

Benito Freire, a pedlar in a small village in northern Spain suffers from epileptic seizures and rumours start to spread that he may be a werewolf and responsible for a series of killings. The local Abbot is called upon to form a team to investigate, in an effort to halt the harrowing murders. Read More »