Stanislaw Bareja

Stanislaw Bareja – Brunet wieczorowa pora AKA Brunet Will Call (1976)

Modest editor, has shipped his wife and kids for the weekend, and is trying to relax in his house at the outskirts of Warsaw. His quiet evening is only disturbed by the accidental forecast made by a Gypsy woman, that at evening time he will murder a mysterious brunet. Read More »

Stanislaw Bareja – Poszukiwany, poszukiwana AKA Man – Woman Wanted (1973)

Stanisław, a worker at an art museum in Warsaw, is accused of stealing a painting from the store room. His boss gives Stanisław a 24-hour deadline to return it, or face a jail sentence. Since he does not possess the painting, he decides to go into hiding – by dressing up as a woman, Maria. He gets a job as housemaid – despite knowing little about cleaning a house – but a succession of amorous husbands, difficult children, and eccentric bosses drives him from one job to the next. The film, a nudge at Polish society in communist times, is a tragic-comedic reminder of what it was like to live in those times. Read More »

Stanislaw Bareja – Mis AKA Teddy Bear (1981)


The main character, nicknamed Miś / Teddy Bear, is the manager of a sports club. One day he is detained at the border, just as his team is about to leave for a tournament – somebody has torn out a few pages from his passport, thus making it invalid. It occurs to him that perhaps his ex-wife has done so to keep him in the country long enough for her to get her hands on their joint bank account in a London bank. Therefore, he has to get to London as soon as possible in order to transfer the money to a different bank.

The only problem is: how to get there without a passport. The somewhat convoluted plan involves his moviemaking friend, his girlfriend, a doppelganger and a non-funtional hair-growth product. Read More »