Stanislaw Rózewicz

  • Stanislaw Rózewicz – Wolne miasto AKA Free City (1958)

    The heroic struggle of Polish post office workers in Gdansk on the first day of World War II.

    Wikipedia wrote:
    It was the first Polish film about September 1939. The director presented the drama of a group of civilians – employees of the Polish Post Office in the Free City of Gdańsk – caught up in the gears of great history. Fragments of archival film footage of the attack on the post office add authenticity to the film.Read More »

  • Stanislaw Rózewicz – Aniol w szafie AKA Angel in the Wardrobe (1987)

    “Angel In The Wardrobe” is a film about responsibility, towards ourselves and others. A film about conscience; about the memory, without which we are nothing. The fears and anxieties in us and around us”.

    — Stanislaw Rozewicz.Read More »

  • Stanislaw Rózewicz – Westerplatte (1967)

    Westerplatte is a small peninsula at the entry to the Gdansk Harbour. Before World War II, it functioned as a Polish ammunition depot in the Free City of Danzig/Gdansk. Its crew consisted of one infantry company and a group of civilians, 182 people in total. It was the only Polish guard-post at the mouth of the Vistula River, with as little as five sentries, one field cannon, two anti-armour guns and four mortars. It was the first obstacle to Hitler’s predatory march across Europe. The first shots of World War II were fired here. This film tells the story of Westerplatte’s courageous defenders.Read More »

  • Wojciech Has & Stanislaw Rózewicz – Ulica Brzozowa AKA Brzozowa Street (1947)

    The film shows the revival of Warsaw after the war. The city slowly rises from the fall, mainly thanks to the people who work hard to rebuild their capital. The documentary, despite its obvious propaganda message, has been made for heart-rending, and today its paintings represent an undeniable historical and archival value.Read More »

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