Stavros Tornes

  • Stavros Tornes – Balamos (1982)

    Stavros Tornes1981-1990ArthouseFantasyGreece

    In order to buy a horse, a man wanders in the bazaars of Thessaly. His journey will take him further than he imagines, as old prophets, forgotten witches and vampire princes will find himself on his way.Read More »

  • Stavros Tornes – Coatti (1977)

    1971-1980DocumentaryExperimentalItalyStavros Tornes

    Stavros and Charlotte – i.e. the director and his partner in life and art, Charlotte van Gelder – are wandering the streets of a burdensome reality like immigrants, tracing the world around them through friendships, journeys and political quests. Made with minimal means with a few rolls of black and white film they managed to scrape together, this is a thoroughly unconventional film that defies traditional narrative structures, spectacularly revealing the director’s true vision: a primordial cinema full of imagery that comes out of nowhere and communicates freely, like a small wonder. A large slice of the international film critic community – including Frenchman Louis Skorecki who described the film as a comet – will adore “Coatti” and continue to support Tornes’ lonely path until the end.Read More »

  • Stavros Tornes – Addio Anatolia (1976)

    1971-1980DocumentaryExperimentalItalyStavros Tornes


    Synopsis :
    Stavros Tornes’ first non-fiction short combines a beautifully poetic text with a series of tracking shots in the streets of Rome, set to music by Charlotte Van Gelder. Somewhere between documentary and poetic essay, this film was born out of Tornes’ love for Africa and the Orients, his never-ending agony over bloody revolutions and his passionate use of cinema to approach the Other.Read More »

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